Current men’s fashion Trends

The hottest trends in men’s fashion

So I have covered already trendy men’s hairstyles but now I would like to cover the more general aspects of male fashion and what is currently trending and to be trending for the year 2014.

Beards are back

Beards have been going for the whole of 2013. Today with messy hairstyles which I already covered in my men’s hairstyles post, beards and the scruffy look are in. I am seeing lots of Hollywood movies with bearded men so this could be it although there is also a trend with men of liberating themselves and just being “themselves”.

Keep it basic not sophisticated

The hairstyle, the beard and also the clothes for men. Jeans with plain color t-shirts. To spice up your image, have a wide range of colored t-shirts and different types of jeans, ranging from light blue to black.

Fashion accessories for men

Ok so we know women are the ones who love fashion accessories, but men are starting to learn about the uses of fashion accessories, and also how good they can look! man-bags, as I call them are bags made of leather, of dark colors and ones that can be hanged on the shoulder or simply grabbed. If done right, man-bags can improve the fashion look of a male by over 50%, we were even talking about this the other day in class how studies have been carried out by manufacturers and how men simply look better with bags!!

I think these 3 fashion trends for men are the ones that are currently in vogue. The scruffy look complemented with messy men’s hairstyles and thick beards, plus the basic unsophisticated clothes and a simple fashion accessory for men as a bag is, are all hot trends that will continue through to 2014. I’m really sure of that!!